The holistic perspective on health considers the person as a whole, rather than individual symptoms or issues. The goal is to address any area of the patient’s life that is deficient, including the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional realms. More specifically, the holistic practitioner looks for causes of the symptoms.

To compare, most Western physicians see the symptom(s) as the problem. A medication is then prescribed. While this usually alleviates the symptom(s), it does not address the cause. The problem with this approach is that because relief was obtained, the patient (or the doctor) is not motivated to change what they did to create the health problem; therefore, they will continue practicing that same faulty lifestyle only to create a worse problem down the road. Plus, with medications, negative side effects are common.

While Western medicine is great at saving a life from a life-threatening crisis, it falls short of giving the body what it needs to rebuild and come into health after the crisis is stabilized.

Whether you suffer from chronic illnesses or just want to be proactive in leading a healthier life, visiting a holistic health practitioner can be highly beneficial. Here are five ways a holistic health expert can help you.

  1. You’ll Be Encouraged to Take a More Holistic Approach to Your Health

Don’t expect a holistic health expert to simply write prescriptions for natural therapies, and bid you good day. Ideally, holistic healthcare looks at the body as a whole, and in addition will take into account struggles the patient may be having in other areas of life: spiritual, mental, and emotional. As these all come into alignment, health results.


  1. You’ll Receive an Individualized Plan

Holistic health isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. You’re a unique individual, and your health plan should fit you, not people in your age range or any other demographic who are generally like you. A holistic health expert will work with you to develop a healthcare plan that is designed especially for you to feel your best.


  1. You’ll Get Your Body Weight in Check — Without Fad Diets and Herbs

Fad diets and weight loss supplements come and go all the time, but a healthy lifestyle is forever. A holistic health practitioner can help you create a total lifestyle change that works for you and your schedule so that you’re eating better food and getting more nutrients to keep your body in great shape. As a result, a healthy weight usually follows. No, it won’t happen overnight, but you’ll get to a healthy body weight and be able to stay there.


  1. You’ll Have Lots of Options

Taking a proactive and holistic approach to your health brings with it so many different components. While your holistic health expert can certainly make informed recommendations on which choices will work best, the decision ultimately rests with you. You might focus on improving your overall nutrition, or you need stress management, massage, exercise, or all of the above. Your holistic practitioner should point out all of the appropriate therapies, and then you decide.


  1. You’ll Feel More in Control of Your Health

Holistic medicine puts treatment into patients’ hands rather than in doctors’ hands, as it should be. Holistic health experts serve as guides or mentors, pointing you in the right direction for optimal health, but you’re the one in the driver’s seat — which is, as many holistic health experts believe, exactly as it should be. By the way, choosing a natural health therapy does not mean you cannot keep using traditional medicine if it is needed and/or you so desire. The two can work side by side.


Here at Robbins Natural Health, we take on a truly holistic approach, encompassing all of the above points and more. Our goal is that you obtain the health you desire. Give us a call. Whether leave near or far, we can help.