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Phone our office at (918) 488-0444 or email us at to make an appointment for your initial consult and exam.

Typically, this visit will include a case history, physical exam, and appropriate lab tests.

When the test results are back, an appointment will be scheduled for you to sit down in person with Dr. Robbins to review the findings.

If you live out-of-state, you can return home, and when the results come in, they will be emailed to you and a phone or Zoom appointment will be scheduled for Dr. Robbins to go over the results with you.

Following this, a written program, including dietary changes and supplements needed, will be outlined for you.

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“Prior to meeting Dr. Robbins, I went from doctor to doctor and medication to medication searching for pain relief from fibromyalgia, but to no avail. Dr. Robbins’ compassion, knowledge, and encouragement to make gradual nutritional lifestyle changes resulted in restoring my body to a healthy state with no need of medications. Nine years later, I’m still medication-free.

I consider it an honor to write a testimonial regarding Dr. Robbins’ impact on our family.

Our family is grateful to the Lord for using a dear friend to direct us to Dr. Robbins.  In addition to my search for relief for fibromyalgia, our son had many food aversions and was beginning to have breathing issues in the evenings at the time we met Dr. Robbins. Dr. Robbins taught us how to build his body with nutrition through juicing and wean him off dairy products. His breathing issues cleared quickly, and his food choices expanded over the following year due to juicing. Today, no dairy products are part of his diet and eats regularly 20+ different foods.

I realize this is very lengthy. I could easily write a book to include how Dr Robbins has helped each member of our family and include how fortunate he is to have an amazing staff!! However, from my experience, the people I’ve encountered are interested in getting off medication(s), or have children with food issues.

Thank you, though, for the opportunity to share how blessed our family has been. Because of Dr. Robbins, we have the health to perform the Lord’s work, too.”

Debbie, Ernest, Matt, and Madison


“I have been with Dr. Robbins and the Clinic since the late 1980’s and I could not be more pleased with what I have learned preventatively to protect my health, the service I have realized from both Dr. Robbins and his most pleasant staff, the test results I receive annually (he usually finds my results to be “boring”.) and the fact that I no longer have to deal with colds, flu or sickness of any kind at 72 years of age!

I know that I needed to be willing to make changes, or the results I have mentioned would never have happened.  It is far better in my opinion, than paying for and eating incorrectly, and then having to pay for the correction of the physical problems which I have actaually inflicted upon myself!

Thank you Dr. Robbins and staff.  You are vaulable and precious to me!



“Several years ago I was very sick, unable to even get out of bed or care for myself. I had been through at least four different “medical professionals”, two hospital stays, and every test imaginable, with no success. No one was able to diagnose what was wrong with me, but all agreed I was in trouble. I was about to give up hope, when a friend of mine took me to see Dr. Robbins.

His staff is amazing – they create an atmosphere for healing by being so kind and welcoming! At my very first appointment Dr. Robbins not only gave me a diagnosis, but we also began treatment. On the second visit I had a comprehensive test which indicated, among other things, that I suffered from mercury poisoning. Within the first few visits I began to feel better! Today I have my life back & I feel like the wisdom & treatments Dr. Robbins provided literally saved my life!”

Kelly G.


“Our journey with Dr. Robbins began almost nine years ago. We were at a crisis point in a health issue and didn’t know where to turn. Our first appointment brought us the hope we had been desperately seeking and praying for.

As so many know, health issues can be extremely confusing and very overwhelming. We came to Dr. Robbins with a particular health goal that we desired. That initial goal has been reached. The most important part has been the journey.

We have learned about this amazing body God created for each of us. The time, energy, and concern we have experienced on our behalf with Dr. Robbins we have not found anywhere else. His knowledge is extensive in his field and he is always desirous of learning more. He is confident enough to outsource questions he may have and goes the extra mile to find answers. Through our relationship with Dr. Robbins, we have grown to respect and trust the man, his work, and his devotion to what he believes in. He truly desires for people to be healthy and is more than willing to teach them how to reach that goal.

The entire staff has always treated us as much more than patients. They truly care about the people that God brings their direction. In today’s medical world, that is very rare. They are courteous, helpful and always encouraging.

We are very grateful and appreciatve for the treatment, care and friendship we continue to experience with Dr. Robbins and all of his staff.”

Laura and Glenn