“Health is the result of stopping the negatives that caused its breakdown, and supplying the body with the proper nutrients it was designed to operate on.”


Ultimately the body does its own healing. At Robbins Natural Health our job is to discover what a patient has been doing wrong that has caused its breakdown, and then provide it the opportunity to bring about restoration. After thorough evaluation to ascertain negatives to the body, appropriate recommendations are made to both eliminate wrongs and implement positives. No matter the health problem, the foundation of all healing is ensuring the body has the proper resources to repair itself, which incorporates recommendations that include:

  • Healthy Eating (dietary modification)
  • Juicing
  • Food Supplements
  • Enzyme Therapy
  • Fasting
  • Detox Programs

Nutritional injections are a means of delivering much needed nutrients and health-promoting substances into the body such that they will easily and quickly be assimilated for a more rapid healing response.


At times serious and hard-hitting treatment is required to facilitate the body’s healing effort in the most efficient way. For such occasions, natural IV therapy is employed. The advantage of this form of therapy is that it can greatly enhance and speed the results of any healing program. There are various types of non-medical IV therapies that we use, depending on the health issue, which include:

  • Chelation therapy for improved cardiovascular health
  • Chelation therapy to promote removal of toxins, including heavy metals and chemicals
  • Liver cleanse
  • Immune System boost
  • Nutrition replenishment

Physical therapy is used to aid the body in bringing about symptomatic relief and healing of muscle and ligament strains and sprains. Physical therapy involves the application of electrical current, ultrasound, cold laser, heat, cold, and/or exercises to specific injured areas of the body. These serve to motivate the body to place more healing attention to affected areas, affording speedier rehabilitation. In essence, the therapy itself does not heal, rather the therapy acts as a catalyst to promote the body’s own healing effort.


Oxygen is one of the most important nutrients that our cells require for life and healing. In disease, to various degrees, the cells are deprived of oxygen, hindering their return to health. In the 1950′s, the U.S. Navy discovered that when people were exposed to increased levels of oxygen, amazing healing benefits were often observed.

While there are a number of methods of oxygen therapy, the method we use is Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) therapy, which when administered is a very aggressive form of oxygen that is readily utilized by the cells for healing processes.


The brain has the master blueprint of a healthy body, but its ability to communicate that message to the body for healing is sometimes hindered due to nerve and blood vessel impingement. Chiropractic care is the art and science of assisting the body in returning to a state of health by increasing the communication between the brain and the body. This is done by mechanical realignment of bones of the body as needed. At Robbins Natural Health, we employ only low impact and non-force chiropractic techniques.


For most people, exercise is a dirty word, yet it is a necessary aspect of the road back to and maintenance of health. Many have the misconception that every time they exercise, they have to train for the Olympics; consequently, they don’t exercise at all. At Robbins Natural Health, we operate with the philosophy that some exercise is better than none at all. As a result, we keep in mind that there is no perfect form of exercise; rather, the best exercise is the one that you do. While exercise is something our patients do outside of the clinic, we give suggestions for numerous options that fit into everyone’s physical ability, personality, and equipment availability.


Unfortunately, stress can take a major toll on our health. While we don’t have a magic wand to wave our patient’s stresses away, we are aware that helping to reduce their stress is a major part of the healing process. We do this by offering sensible counsel and encouragement as is appropriate and necessary.

Simply pick up the phone and call for a new patient consult. This initial visit can be done either in person at the clinic, by phone, or by Skype. Dr. Robbins and Dr. Carol have patients all over the world, many they have never seen in person, so a long-distance health relationship is something you can be comfortable with should you decide on that route. Even the various tests that may recommended can be done long-distance, and the report of findings will also be giving by phone or Skype.