Our clinic is dedicated to educating patients how to take on the personal responsibility of helping their body restore and then maintain its health. This is done through evaluation, recommendations, education, and holding patients accountable to making the sometimes difficult, but needed, lifestyle changes to achieve their goal of health.

We Accomplish This Through:

Extensive evaluation via blood, urine, physical exam and other testing to determine the level of health, including nutrient levels, presence of heavy metal/ chemical toxicity, infections, allergies, diseases, etc.
Natural therapy and treatments such as dietary programs, juicing, food supplements, homeopathic treatment, nutritional IVs, exercise, chiropractic, etc., as needed and appropriate.
One-on-one doctor/staff care, treating each patient as an individual person and taking into account the whole person – body, mind and spirit.
Education through seminars, CDs, videos and written materials designed to teach a healthy, disease-free lifestyle, and motivate you to maintain it.

Our 1 and 2 Day Programs

As the name implies, this program takes place over the course of one or two days, depending on the patient’s schedule and what tests and possible treatments will be performed. For patients coming in from out of town, this program can be done in one day. However, an overnight stay, and then finishing up on the next day is usually recommended. After all the testing is complete, the patient will be given a full, verbal report, and written recommendations reviewed with the patient.

If you are thinking of coming to the clinic from out of town, it is strongly recommended that an initial phone consult with one of the doctors be done first.  This will enable us to better determine what tests, and/or treatments need to be scheduled during the visit.

Follow up with out of town patients is done by regularly scheduled phone consults with one of the doctors. As needed, comparative tests can be ordered at a lab near the patient’s home, or some tests are done by home specimen kits. Thus a return trip to the clinic is not always necessary for follow up, although at times, this is recommended.

To Become A Patient

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