Helping People Achieve Optimum Health For 36 years

Welcome to a new, more responsible lifestyle—one that brings health. Let us help you find answers to those health issues that plague you, and guide you to restoration and wellness. There is hope.

The Clinic

Natural Health Specialists has been helping patients from around the world achieve health naturally since 1978. Dr. Joel Robbins, a nationally known author and lecturer in the field of nutrition and natural health care, heads our well-trained and friendly staff. The treatments offered and espoused by the Natural Health Specialists Clinic fall in the category of natural health care, More »

The Philosophy

At the Natural Health Specialists clinic, it is our belief that diseases and illnesses are not the result of drug and herb deficiencies; neither do we hold that naming of a symptom—a diagnosis—in and of itself, speaks to the cause of the problem. Our goal is to identify causative factors that have led to the body’s breakdown, and then determine a course of responsible action which will allow the body to restore itself to health.

The Program

Natural Health Specialists is dedicated to helping the body heal itself. Since no form of therapy or treatment can cure or heal the body of disease – only the body can heal itself, our goal is to help you give your body what it needs to do the job, and do so through non-traditional, natural therapies and treatments. Learn How We Accomplish This »

Our Staff

Dr. Joel Robbins has made a career-long study in the field of nutrition as it relates to health. He holds both chiropractic and naturopathic degrees, offering his patients alternatives to their health problems through natural treatment methods and nutrition.

Carol Voigtlander, our nurse practitioner, is an important part of the team at Natural Health Specialists,  helping patients through non-traditional methods.


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8 years ago my doctor told me that my rheumatoid arthritis was so aggressive that it would never go into remission. 7 years ago I was introduced to Dr. Robbins materials by a friend. Based on what I heard, it would take me 7 years of good eating to make up for the years of thoughtless eating. Then another friend gave me a vegetable juicer and Dr. Robbins juicing book. To make the story short, in just a few months it will have been 7 years since I first started to make changes in my diet. A few months ago I stopped taking my weekly shot of Enbrel. I have experienced no adverse side effects, and I have no joint pain. Indeed, I now teach high school PE, and my students struggle to keep up with me. I do praise the Lord that He gave Dr. Robbins the knowledge and wisdom to help others and the desire to do share it. Thank you for what you have done for me and my family.



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