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Welcome to a new, more responsible lifestyle—one that brings health. Let us help you find answers to those health issues that plague you, and guide you to restoration and wellness. There is hope.

The Clinic

Natural Health Specialists has been helping patients from around the world achieve health naturally since 1978. Dr. Joel Robbins, a nationally known author and lecturer in the field of nutrition and natural health care, heads our well-trained and friendly staff. The treatments offered and espoused by the Natural Health Specialists Clinic fall in the category of natural health care, More »

The Philosophy

At the Natural Health Specialists clinic, it is our belief that diseases and illnesses are not the result of drug and herb deficiencies; neither do we hold that naming of a symptom—a diagnosis—in and of itself, speaks to the cause of the problem. Our goal is to identify causative factors that have led to the body’s breakdown, and then determine a course of responsible action which will allow the body to restore itself to health.

The Program

Natural Health Specialists is dedicated to helping the body heal itself. Since no form of therapy or treatment can cure or heal the body of disease – only the body can heal itself, our goal is to help you give your body what it needs to do the job, and do so through non-traditional, natural therapies and treatments. Learn How We Accomplish This »

Our Staff

Dr. Joel Robbins has made a career-long study in the field of nutrition as it relates to health. He holds both chiropractic and naturopathic degrees, offering his patients alternatives to their health problems through natural treatment methods and nutrition.

Carol Voigtlander, our nurse practitioner, is an important part of the team at Natural Health Specialists,  helping patients through non-traditional methods.


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“Over the last 10 years, Dr. Robbins and his office have become not only our family physician but a teacher and friend through our physical-medical-spiritual pilgrimage that has brought significant education and truth to our family.


In 1999, while serving as overseas missionaries, my wife—pregnant with our third child—developed pneumonia during her second trimester. This began a “spiraling down” of her body and immune system that ended with an emergency c-section due to her placenta calcifying and the cord wrapped around our son’s neck. God provided safety and our son was fine and yet, for my wife, her pilgrimage had just begun.

In three months and after being in three African countries, two hospitals, and a total of seven doctors we found ourselves headed back to the United States for “R and R” that ended within six months of not being able to return back to the mission field due to no clear diagnosis and no improved health. After two more years and an additional handful of doctors, my wife still had no cure and the summation from the medical field was, “It’s all in your head” and our best attempt at home was a very elementary approach to juicing. Yeah, it was looking pretty bleak.

In this state, God reminded us an audio cassette that we had gotten nine months earlier to help our children with diet. The cassette was a lecture presented by Dr. Robbins. Re-hearing that lecture was used by the God to prompt us to make initial contact with Dr. Robbins. In the span of the next twelve months my wife’s healing process had finally begun with the first correct diagnosis in over three years since her pregnancy, her body healing from e-coli and intestinal parasites as well as healing from a stored away case of mononucleosis that occurred during high school.

“Over the last 10 years, Dr. Robbins and his office have become not only our family physician but a teacher and friend through our physical-medical-spiritual pilgrimage that has brought significant education and truth to our family. Our children have reaped much benefit in their health as we have not seen a medical doctor now for over seven years, except for athletic-school physicals.

This journey of help and truth has allowed juicing to be a daily aspect of our diet now for the last 11 years, dietary assistance through supplements, as well as basic medical check-ups to see how things are going with our bodies in regard to diet, digestion, and growth. This journey created great adjustment and cost but, at the same time, has allowed much freedom and understanding not only to our bodies but to life as a whole.

We so appreciate this huge gift God has given to us and how we hope we will not only treasure it but be a good manager of it in the years to come. Thank you Dr. Robbins and staff.”

~Ernest G.